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 Update 2/15/10

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PostSubject: Update 2/15/10   Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:22 pm

Okay okay.
It's now going to be a warnable offense to post in the wrong section. This means, posting expansion ideas in the forum ideas section instead of Expansion Discussion.
There are descriptions for a reason, guys.

The same with bumping. A lot of really old and/or dead topics have been bumped. Spectators, no need to flame or troll them or yell at them at how they bumped, because then it's only contributing to the extra activity in that topic, as well as post whoring AND can get you warning. So if someone bumps, they'll just receive a warning instantly and the topic will be locked.

As for trolling. Yeah, I know alot of you like trolling the newer users for fun, but, remember what happened to the last forum; it became a 4chan equivalent instead of actually being a forum for making expansions. So you guys need to lay down on the trolling. It's not necessarily banned, seeing as sometimes it's called for, there's no reason to troll for just being new or for every thing.
If you do, I'll simply just give you a warning without notifying. You should know if you do.

EAT, that means you too. You're here to deny or accept expansions based on their quality and to help improve expansions that need a quality boost. There should be no reason for you to troll in expansion topics whatsoever, since you should be helping the members improve. I can and will have you removed from EAT if you troll members for their expansions.

And lastly, the forum background. While I could put up the old one, a few of you told me you wanted to see a new one. So if anyone wants to try their hand at it, you can. I'll add the old one if nobody does anything, but for now, the background will have to wait a bit longer.

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Update 2/15/10
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